Here’s to Beer: Weekly Beer Blog Pt. 20

Here’s to Beer: Weekly Beer Blog Pt. 20

Norway’s first aircraft hijacking was resolved after the hijacker surrendered his weapon in exchange for more beer. Beer stops terrorism.

Was at my second home, The Brass Tap (421 Main St. Cedar Falls, IA), and found that the new Brewery of the Month for June is Surly Brewery from Minneapolis, MN. There are 5 taps with Surly product right now. One of the beers I HAD to try was named after a Mecca for Prince fans – First Avenue PLUS 1.

I enjoyed this a lot! It’s a light gold ale, coming in at a comfortable 5.1% ABV. If you’re not much of a craft brew drinker, but like a nice cold beer on a hot summer day, or something to enjoy with friends, this will fit you well! It pours a thick white head with a citrus nose. Maybe lemon peel or the Citra hop. I’m guessing on the hop just because of the sweet and sour essence. A good, mild malt for this crisp ale. Bubbly mouthfeel, like drinking Champagne. It’s a good beer that can really be enjoyed anytime by probably just about anyone!

I also had Lake Time’s Peanut Butter Porter! I love a good stout or porter and I love when peanut butter is used in brewing! If it’s done right, it’s like drinking a boozy melted dark chocolate Reese’s cup! This pours black with very little head to speak of… The nose hints of roasted peanuts and coffee. I liken it to the smell of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The jelly calms the peanut butter aroma and adds a sweetness. This is a smooth and bitter porter. Peanut butter, baker’s chocolate and dark chocolate on the palate and a bit of caramel and coffee on the back. A great finish! It’s one of the more popular dark beers on tap.

Laketime Peanut Butter Porter

Now on to food! Besides beer, I like good food. I mean GOOOOOOOOD food! Brass Tap has it! So far, everything I’ve had, I’ve loved. The Korean BBQ Pulled Pork Street Tacos are incredible. Like all pulled pork sandwiches SHOULD have (in my opinion), a creamy and slightly sweet coleslaw is added to the top. The pulled pork is BBQ tangy with cotija, cheddar and jack cheeses, cilantro onion mix and scallions, all on the authentic small round flour or corn tortillas. Makes my mouth water just thinking of it. Restaurant style tortilla chips are served on the side with THE BEST SALSA I’ve ever had.

Also, every Monday thru Friday, you can enjoy Happy Hour pricing specials on food and drink between 4-7 PM! To take a look at the specials and the menu,click the button below! Scroll down to Menus.