Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 44!

Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 44!

Beer was so important in ancient Mesopotamia that there are legal strictures regarding its sale in the Code of Hammurabi. Think this is where “Hamm’s” came from?? Probably not.

When trying any new brew, there’s an acronym for breaking down the beer and judging it, based on one’s palate. In other words, a good way to rate a beer is ASTMO…






This is the criteria I and many other beer snobs go through when trying beer. Appearance is the color and clarity. There are many colors of beer, of course, like an actual color wheel. Describing the color is fairly subjective so just used your best educated guess when looking at appearance. Click the button below for some basic Beer 101 facts. A great reference for color, styles, glassware and more!

Founders Dankwood IPA

This beer was very interesting and enjoyable, but beware, it packs a punch!

Dankwood from Founders out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is an IPA, but don’t tell it that! It is bourbon barrel aged in oak and really takes on the characteristics of bourbon, from the color tint, nose and taste. It’s rated 12.2% ABV, so it is pretty boozy. The nose is bourbon, caramel and malt. The flavor doesn’t stray from that at all. Rich malt and caramel palate that sticks around and finishes fairly dry. Very enjoyable and complex, but heavy for an IPA. This is pretty much a one-and-done. Because of the 12.2% ABV, your next beer should be a pale or something lighter. Either that, or move on to a soft drink. Goes great with a good burger or steak!

Here’s a listing of the 10 Best Breweries in Iowa according the Iowa Beer Blog. Some great ones listed here with some “honorable mentions” that just missed the cut this time around.