Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 56!

Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 56!

Q. What 1983 arcade game challenges players to coordinate the movements of beer, bartenders, empty beer mugs, and customers?

A. Tapper

Tapper Arcade Game

Empyrean Brewing Co. Winter Wisdom

I bought this as a single at Happy’s. When I do that, I  can get a good variety and a sixer is only $10!

Being the winter of our discontent (see what I did there?), a good dark brew with lots of malt and low IBUs (International Bittering Units) is perfect. This is also low ABV (Alcohol By Volume) at only 5.30%. IBU is rated and extremely low 18. A regular, single IPA is usually in the 60s to 70s. That’s said, this is good and malty with a biscuity, caramel nose. It pours dark brown with a good double finger light tan head that leaves nice lacing as it dissipates.

First smell is malt and yeast with hazelnut and maybe plum. Biscuit, caramel, hazelnut and malt is on the tongue and only a slight sweetness on the back. Great carbonation and a medium body, it finishes pretty dry. With this one, that dryness leaves all those flavors behind. Taste it cold first, to get some of the main notes, but then let it sit for a bit and warm up a little. That is when the hidden fruits come out. Dark fruit like I said earlier…. Plum, raisin and roasted hazelnut will show it self more as it warms.

An EXCELLENT winter ale, and VERY tasty!

Coming Events

The local homebrewers club, CRAZE (Cedar River Association of Zymurgy Enthusiasts) will have it’s annual “Brew Day” Saturday, March 23, 2019, 10:00am – 3:00pm (weather permitting). It will be located at the Cedar Falls Community Main Street office. Their address is 310 E. 4th Street, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 50613 (next to Viking Pump). It’s open to the public and if you’d like to see the beginning of the brewing process and talk with brewers (amateur and professional) about the process or how they got into it, come down and say HI!