Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 57!

Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 57!

Q.Explain the roots of the Scandinavian toast, sköl.

A.The familiar Scandinavian toast sköl derives from scole, the drinking bowl shaped like the upper half of a human skull. Originally, these bowls were fashioned from the actual skulls of an enemy killed in battle. So, next time you toast, just be American about and yell, “YOUR SKULL!!”

Bell's Brewery Oarsman Ale

I’ve had this is my fridge for a while so this week was the week to crack it.

I think I held off of it because I’m such a dark beer lover. In my experience, there is so much more complexity and flavor combinations in bocks, porters and stouts. IPAs are unique as well. Yellow ales and the like just aren’t as interesting and fun to drink, in my opinion. I’m such a flavor person, I like being able to dissect a beer as I enjoy it. It’s become more and more of a challenge, like a game.

This one sets itself a part from most others in this genre. It pours a light yellow and murky. Lots of thick, white head that sustains for a while unless you stir it with your finger. That helps the head dissipate faster so you can drink the beer and not a mouthful of the foam. I suggest this method as this is an easy drinker at only 4% ABV and should be enjoyed cold. There’s no reason to let this warm as all the flavor presents itself immediately. The nose is citrus and lemon or lemon grass. Not overly malty of hoppy, it’s more of a citrus and wheat flavor. A very light tartness that blends everything very well. Crisp mouthfeel with lots of carbonation, this is a great spring or hot summer day brew.

‘Tis the season of Lent, where Christians of different ideologies give up something for about 46 days and fast several of them.

Many give up meat on Fridays. Other’s chocolate, sugar, beer (GASP!), etc. One man decided to give up EVERYTHING….. except beer (my personal hero).

Beer historians know very well that monks in the 1600’s and on, brewed beer as part of their diet and during Lent, the beer was the ONLY thing they lived on (other than water or tea).

Here’s a story of a modern “monk” who is doing the exact thing for the Easter holiday and in 1 week, has lost 15 pounds! Possibly the best way I can think of, to lose weight.