There are just some records one MUST have to feel complete.

There are just some records one MUST have to feel complete.

The Golding Institute (no idea what that is) has released a few records that a vinyl collector, such as myself, really shouldn’t do without.

If the cover and content weren’t enough to empty your pockets for, it also includes an Esperanto transcription of the recording and free sanitary toilet seat cover! Talk about a collector’s item!

But wait! There’s MORE!

If the 1st release is to your liking, you not want to miss 

Sounds Of The American Fast Food Restaurants Vol.1!



KFC (6th Avenue & Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA) 

Jack In The Box (11th Avenue & Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA)       

Taco Bell (Highway One, Pacifica, CA)     

Nation’s Giant Hamburger (Westlake Mall, Daly City, CA)               

Subway (Skyline Plaza, Daly City, CA)      

Hot Dog On A Stick (Stonestown Mall, San Francisco, CA)              

McDonald’s (Stonestown Mall, San Francisco, CA)            

Burger King (John Daly Boulevard, Daly City, CA)

Straw Hat Pizza (Westlake Mall, Daly City, CA)    

Round Table Pizza (Oceana Boulevard, Pacifica, CA)


You will receive:

Sounds Of The San Francisco Adult Bookstores

Recorded at Frenchy’s Books, The New Locker Room Video, City Entertainment, Le Salon Magazines, Kearny Street Books And Video PLUS Special Bonus Recordings From Books And Video (San Mateo, CA) and Adult Videos (Sacramento, CA)

*cover withheld because…. well guess.*