Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog (Vacation)

Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog (Vacation)

Due to a very busy and exciting week last week, I never had a chance to sit and enjoy a beer. Sure, I could have just grabbed one and had a beer, but I really like to sit and ENJOY the brew. Like a puzzle, I like to see what the finished product is supposed to be (relatively) and pick it a part and put it together in my head. Color, Aroma, Taste, Flavors, Mouthfeel, Overall. Identifying each part gives a better finish and understanding of the craft that was put into it. Does that make me sound like a beer snob? IT SHOULD! I AM!

I am looking forward to finding an open weekend to visit some of the eastern Iowa breweries and maybe get a tour of the facility. Talking to the brewers about crafting the beers, where ideas came from to try this recipe, etc. That is even more of the fun that is enjoying craft beer and the making of them.

Check here next week for another blog based on some of my experiences with “new to me” beers!

In the interim, enjoy some George Thorogood!

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer