No 3rd Reading for Ban-the-Box; Waterloo Council Votes to Postpone

The conversation went on for more than an hour, with 14 residents…a couple of them from outside Waterloo… and several council members voicing their opinions, but when it was all over, the Waterloo City Council last(Mon) night voted 6 to 1, with Pat Morrissey saying he was appalled and voting “no,” to postpone for four more weeks a decision on the proposed “ban the box,” ordinance.  

“Ban the Box”…some call it the “Fair Chance” ordinance, would remove the box on applications that asks if the job seeker has ever been charged with, or convicted of, a crime.   Supporters says it’s more fair to the applicant, who doesn’t want to be eliminated before an interview, while those against it feel it’s unfair to the employer, especially in this case, because it would prevent the interviewer from asking about any criminal record until after a conditional job offer is made.

The council will form an ad-hoc committee to work on the proposal’s language and reconsider it October 7th.