What Are The ODDS?!?
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Bartenders have REALLY seen it all when it comes to fake ID’s, but one bartender was shocked to be handed her own lost ID as a fake. Kleo McHugh has been bartending in New York when a group of girls came in. They were off to a bad start when one of the girls handed Kleo an ID she recognized right away as her friend Jess. She says she just laughed and said “Nice fake, I know Jess” and she gave it back. Then another girl decided to try her luck. She handed Kleo a vertical New York license, which means the person is underage. However when Kleo looked at the photo, she noticed that it was her very own ID she lost years ago. She told the girl, “Nice fake, not the best pic of me is it?” She says the girls were confused, but she cut them some slack. Kleo let them stay for food, she just didn’t serve them booze.

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