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Craig Laue

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I started off life in St. Paul Minnesota before embarking on this radio journey over 20 years ago that has taken me from St. Paul to small town southern Minnesota before landing here in Eastern Iowa! Radio has always been my passion from the first time I heard a radio. I enjoy being heavily involved in the community, helping out anyway I can. When not invading the airwaves I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, working for the Waterloo Black Hawks, and just overall relaxing with some good friends and some sort of beverage!

So there you go. Short and sweet and to the point. Join me weekday mornings from 6A – 10A on our 100,000 watt blowtorch KOKZ!



It gets so hot in Florida during the summer months that doing things like going out for a jog are better suited at night than during the day. However, it does still require you to wear clothes while jogging. An alleged naked man who ran past a woman also ran from the law, according to…read more »

KOKZ Fursday Diamond


Most cats have their own personality and this one TRULY DOES!!! Meet Diamond. She’s 2-years-old and is sweet as can be along with being playful, curious, and very happy! Click here for all the details. Remember it’s also “Clear The Shelter” this weekend so go out and give “FURever” homes to some of the amazing…read more »


YES…That Is Who You Are!!!

One word…WOW. Marc Latimore from Butler, Pennsylvania recently stole a woman’s credit card and used it to buy a cell phone at a Metro PCS store. He also used it to buy beer and cigarettes at a convenience store. It seems that in both cases when it came time for him to sign the credit…read more »

High Cop


OOPS!!! A hilarious exchange between a Missouri cop and a person who thought they were talking to a friend they “got high with,” went viral after police posted a screenshot of the conversation online. The conservation begins with a person inviting someone to “the game” Friday evening, with the promise of a free hot dog…read more »

Steve Martin

Happy Birthday To A Comedy LEGEND!!!

Without a doubt this guy ranks up there with the best EVER in comedy. From his legendary stand up performances, Saturday Night Live appearances, and countless classics on the big screen, Steve Martin is AMAZING!!! Mr. Martin is 74 today. Here are just a few examples that show why he is a genius!read more »

TV Porch


I’m at a loss on this one. Residents in a Virginia town are trying to figure out why someone would be leaving TV’s on their porches in the middle of the night. And these aren’t the flat screen type of TV’s, we are talking about the old picture tube television sets. Nearly a year ago…read more »

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