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Craig Laue

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I started off life in St. Paul Minnesota before embarking on this radio journey over 20 years ago that has taken me from St. Paul to small town southern Minnesota before landing here in Eastern Iowa! Radio has always been my passion from the first time I heard a radio. I enjoy being heavily involved in the community, helping out anyway I can. When not invading the airwaves I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, working for the Waterloo Black Hawks, and just overall relaxing with some good friends and some sort of beverage!

So there you go. Short and sweet and to the point. Join me weekday mornings from 6A – 10A on our 100,000 watt blowtorch KOKZ!

Bubba Fursday

KOKZ FURSDAY: Bring Bubba Home!!!

The first thing you will notice about this beautiful cat at the Cedar Bend Humane Society are his EYES!!! Let me introduce you to Bubba. Sweet, loving, calm, and did not want me to put him down. After a couple of scratches behind his ears he started purring pretty quickly. SOMEONE GIVE HIM A “FUREVER”…read more »


NOT The Best Thing/Way To Sneak In!!!

A “Mom-Of-The-Year” candidate!!! A mom from Cobb County is wanted on misdemeanor charges after smuggling alcohol into a movie theater in her son’s sippy cup. According to police, she got drunk during a movie outing with her child on the “strong alcoholic beverage.” They allege that she was so drunk that she was “unable to…read more »

Duh News (3)

Not The Best Way To RESOLVE This Issue!!!

Bullying is HORRIBLE…but I’m not so sure this is the best way to handle it! A mother from Florida has been arrested after throwing a mixture of cayenne pepper and salt into the faces of her daughter’s bullies, two girls ages eight and 11. Simmone James has been charged with two counts of child abuse,…read more »

Pot Hotel

She Loves “Natural” Things!!!

Well it “kind of” related to her job yes??? Kim O’Connor has resigned from her position on the Hillsborough Soil And Water board after being accused of hotboxing a hotel room in Okeechobee, Florida. Hotel staff says that they checked her room after she smelled strongly of marijuana, only to find marijuana on the bed…read more »

Grandma No Teeth

Now THIS Is A Tough Grandma!!!

DO NOT mess with this woman!!! Pennelope Pettersen, an elderly woman from Titusville, Florida, successfully scared away a naked intruder thanks to her dentures. Apparently, she opened the blinds one day to see a naked man standing outside on her screened porch. She felt like she was up for a fight that day, especially since…read more »

LOTS of weed

SOMEONE Has Some Explaining To Do!!!

Obviously this is a little more than just “recreational”. Authorities in Rochester, Minnesota recently found 112 pounds of marijuana in a ditch off of a rural road. They estimate that the “high-quality” drugs could be worth almost $350,000. They have no idea where it came from, but the stash was found separated into 112 separate…read more »

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