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Craig Laue

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I started off life in St. Paul Minnesota before embarking on this radio journey over 20 years ago that has taken me from St. Paul to small town southern Minnesota before landing here in Eastern Iowa! Radio has always been my passion from the first time I heard a radio. I enjoy being heavily involved in the community, helping out anyway I can. When not invading the airwaves I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, working for the Waterloo Black Hawks, and just overall relaxing with some good friends and some sort of beverage!

So there you go. Short and sweet and to the point. Join me weekday mornings from 6A – 10A on our 100,000 watt blowtorch KOKZ!

Grandma No Teeth

Now THIS Is A Tough Grandma!!!

DO NOT mess with this woman!!! Pennelope Pettersen, an elderly woman from Titusville, Florida, successfully scared away a naked intruder thanks to her dentures. Apparently, she opened the blinds one day to see a naked man standing outside on her screened porch. She felt like she was up for a fight that day, especially since…read more »

LOTS of weed

SOMEONE Has Some Explaining To Do!!!

Obviously this is a little more than just “recreational”. Authorities in Rochester, Minnesota recently found 112 pounds of marijuana in a ditch off of a rural road. They estimate that the “high-quality” drugs could be worth almost $350,000. They have no idea where it came from, but the stash was found separated into 112 separate…read more »

KOKZ Fursday Deutch

KOKZ Fursday: Deutch Is Ready To Cuddle!!!

PLEASE someone adopt this beautiful dog!!! His name is Deutch and is very shy at first but after a few minutes of love and attention he will warm up to you. He does very well on a leash and would be great companion on your daily walk. This 1-year-old is just waiting for someone to…read more »

Stupid prisoner

Just Be Cool….Just Do YOUR TIME!!!

You would think if you were in jail you would want to get out as quickly as possible and NOT bring negative attention to yourself! A prison inmate from Tennessee has pleaded not guilty after being accused of escaping from the county prison in Wartburg and then attempting to sneak back. He was reportedly trying…read more »

Dumb mom

“Mom Of The Year” Candidate!!!

Making memories…just not the RIGHT ONES!!! A 29-year-old mom from Scottsdale, Arizona has been arrested after she is accused of leaving her 4-year-old daughter at home alone while she went out partying. According to reports, neighbors ended calling the police after the little girl came knocking early in the morning. That’s when authorities determined that…read more »

Bath idiot

Is This REALLY Why He Broke In???

This is just stupid. Just warning you. Jamal Staples, a man from Memphis, Tennessee has been arrested for breaking and entering…but not his unauthorized bath. Huh? Yup…apparently, after allegedly breaking into a home, Staples reportedly started up a bath for himself. While he claimed he got the key from a family member, who owns a…read more »

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