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Craig Laue

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I started off life in St. Paul Minnesota before embarking on this radio journey over 20 years ago that has taken me from St. Paul to small town southern Minnesota before landing here in Eastern Iowa! Radio has always been my passion from the first time I heard a radio. I enjoy being heavily involved in the community, helping out anyway I can. When not invading the airwaves I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, working for the Waterloo Black Hawks, and just overall relaxing with some good friends and some sort of beverage!

So there you go. Short and sweet and to the point. Join me weekday mornings from 6A – 10A on our 100,000 watt blowtorch KOKZ!

Bad Driver

That WON’T Buff Out!!!

We all did stupid things when we were younger…I NEVER did anything like this! Orange County, California sheriff’s deputies didn’t have to go too far to arrest a DUI suspect recently after a woman crashed her vehicle right into the front gates of a county jail facility. It seems that the 19-year-old driver crashed into…read more »

Florida Trash

Quite The “Lightweight”!!!

Florida…I just wanna KISS YOU!!! A Florida man is accused of severely beating up his friend and trashing his own home over the weekend. The man claimed he was just trying to chase his kitten and things got out of control. His friend said that things were going totally normal when all of a sudden…read more »

Thor try

Obviously An “IMPAIRED” Attempt!!!

You can’t make this up! Someone thought it would be a great idea to try and buy marijuana over the Internet from Canada. So instead of trying to purchase it themselves, they thought using a fake ID would be the way to go since you have to be at least 18 years of age to…read more »


36 YEARS LATER Families Can Still Relate!!!

There are just certain movies that people will quote until the end of time…THIS is one of them! In 1983 a film came out that hits home with most people. Who didn’t have some “interesting times” while on a family vacation? National Lampoon’s Vacation is a CLASSIC. The older I get the more and more…read more »


Covering Up The WRONG PART!!!

Again…what’s in the WATER down there!!! A naked Florida man who was wearing nothing but a woman’s bra was caught on camera last weekend burglarizing several cars in a New Port Richey parking lot. The Pasco Sheriff’s Office says the naked man was seen entering the fenced parking lot at U.S. Water Services Corporation on…read more »

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