Mike Davis

Mike Davis

Weekdays 10AM – 2PM / Production Director

Greetings…Let me first say I am very excited to be a part of the truly gifted staff here at KOKZ.

I grew up in Michigan…if you look at your right hand I grew up in Holland, which is about two inches above your wrist. I enjoyed spending some time in college, but have enjoyed more time out of it.

I am married with two children and have two goldfish. Some days I prefer the goldfish. My radio career began in 1999 in a small town in Missouri (Trenton MO, if you must know) and since 2002 I have been the Production Director here at KOKZ. It’s kinda weird cause you most likely have heard me a lot during your favorite commercial breaks, but now the voice has a name…no face (thank goodness).

I am looking forward to hanging out with you during your work day as you actually work and I kick back, surf the net and play Iowa’s Classic Hits.


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