The 9 most hated Halloween candies and the ones I love!
These candies get no respect, y'know what I mean? *read in Rodney Dangerfield's voice*
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These Halloween goodies (or baddies - depends on whether you are pro or con) are widely known as the worst of the many candies that only come out around this time of year.

I take offense to some of these as I like them and I don't care who knows it!

One is candy corn. I can take about a handful and that's it. I know most people hate them. I also know WHY people hate them. It's because when we were kids, we ate THE HECK out of these corn confections and threw them up a half-hour later. After seeing all of that come out of you, candy corn becomes the most hated Halloween candy, ever.

WARNING: A pic of said evil confection ahead.

enter image description here

Another very disliked candy of the season is unfairly and unjustly judged. The Mary Janes... These are easily recognized orange and black wax paper wrapped goodies, normally found in the garbage an hour after Trick or Treating curfew has ended.

On that note, I have to say, that I LOVE these! If you love peanut butter, how could you NOT?! Just a tasty brown lump of peanut butter goo that can extract a loose tooth, if you can't find some string or a dentist. So yummy!!!!

On this list, you will also find one of the most recognized candies in the world: Smarties! I've concluded that this list is NOT a poll of 10 or more people.... It's the journalist, herself that hates these beloved candies.... and joy..... and fun.... and bunnies, most likely.

Take a gander at the article yourself and see if you agree with her more, or me (if it's her, you're wrong).

The 9 Most-Hated Halloween Candies

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