Facebook's New Algorithm. Does it actually do what some people say it does?
Yes and no.
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You've probably see the "Facebook algorithms have changed..." posts. Like this for example:

"It seems that Facebook has a new algorithm. So, please do me a quick favor? If you read this post, don't just like... please leave a comment (Hello is fine) so more friends will be posted in my news feed. Otherwise, Facebook chooses who I see, and I don't need facebook to choose my friends for me. (Also.. Don't hesitate to copy and paste this message on your wall so you can have more interaction with your friends as well.)"

Even Snopes has it a false claim. But's it's not. It is real but not as extreme as some of the posts you’ve read, say they are.

No, Facebook is not only showing you 25 people in your news feed. They are using the algorithm to help weed out the many pages and sponsored posts that YOU don’t care about and don’t want to see. THAT is a GOOD thing. Facebook is using the information YOU have done with friends and family, and focusing that pipeline to the top of your news feed. Meaning, if your friends and family aren't engaging with you on Facebook all that much, they will filter out of the news feed through this algorithm.

But, you can control this yourself…. Kinda.

On your newsfeed page, on the top left, where it says News Feed, click that and you see a drop down box. In that, you have options like, Top Stories, Most Recent, and Edit Preferences. Click Edit Preferences and another window pops up. Top of that list is Prioritize Who You See First. This will show a list of people and pages you follow and Like. The ones with Stars on them are the ones that have fallen into the new algorithm. There are probable 30 stars. That is the number that Facebook chose as a limit, for lack of a better word. I think that is too narrow. That’s just my opinion. However, YOU can change those and choose what 30 YOU want to focus on. Those 30 will be the first posts that will show in your Facebook news feed. If you’d rather see others than what the algorithm chose for you, just click on a starred page or profile and it will “uncheck”. Then you can click on any one else that you would rather see first in your news feed. There’s a long list that consists of everyone you are friends with and pages or groups you follow.

Here’s a story from the new York Times that also explains the new algorithm and why it does what it does.

Facebook Is Changing. What Does That Mean for Your News Feed? - New York Times

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