Here’s to Beer: Weekly Beer Blog Pt. 7
Drank another beer last night. I MADE myself drink one. Lol
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I had no expectations going into this. I’d never had any of Clown Shoes brews before. After really enjoying this one, I’ll be looking at trying the others.

Clown Shoes Brewery is based in Massachusetts. The idea came from Gregg Berman, who had an epiphany about making and marketing his own brew, while driving. I tend to think best when I’m behind the wheel, too.

I’ll say, I was drawn to the can first. All of their beers have really cool labels. In their beer arsenal are 3 Bombers (22 oz.), 6- 12 oz. brews, 1- 16 oz. and several Specialty brews. I grabbed the 12 oz. “Baked Goods” beer.

Again, I had to pour into a tall Pilsner glass, but it’s a great glass to see color, clarity and thickness of head. Immediately after the pour, I saw a golden color of a Pilsner, but this is an APA (America Pale Ale). Like an IPA (India Pale Ale), the nose is very fresh and clean. The smell of a fresh brewed beer and several fresh and very green hops. You can tell that, right off. I got a note of lemon and another sour citrus. Maybe grapefruit peel? The first taste is very refreshing. Much like a summer style ale. There’s a very light sour infused with earthy flavors like grass essence. You know that smell of fresh cut green grass in late Spring? Add that to the flavor on the tongue. The finish is more like the IPA, slightly dry, very hoppy but with just a little lightly roasted malt. After a few more mouthfuls, that citrus essence really presented itself. I don’t like most of the summer beers like the shandies and such. To me they are too sweet and over-the-top with lemon. This is a very pleasant drink that I would have again and again. It may be my new favorite “non-dark” beer.

Clown Shoes Brewery

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  • Weekdays 2PM - 7PM
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