High Definition vinyl records???
I'm not sold on this..... yet.
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As a vinyl guy and, as the great Joe Walsh sang, "I'm An Analog Man", this is a little hard to swallow. While I get the idea and technology behind it, being that it is a digital master being laser cut into a disc (read the article; it says it probably won't be the same chemicals as what makes up vinyl), it would have to be a completely new mastering process, as well.

I mentioned the pitfalls of buying new reissues on vinyl because of companies pressing digital masters on wax, rather than the analog masters. This makes the sound quality terrible, compared to the original issues, before digital processing. The sound-waves created by digital sources are much different than the analog counterparts. Even music that was ONLY recorded with digital equipment and mastered that way, has to be remastered for an analog media, like vinyl (not so much tape, as the tape can reproduce most of what is being recorded on it, IF the quality of tape is high enough bias).

Take some time a read this article and decide what you think about it.

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