Here’s to Beer: Weekly Beer Blog Pt. 12
Forced myself to drink another beer this week. It was tough.
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As you are aware, I prefer a good stout. Roasted malts, a charred nut flavor and usually some sort of chocolate note. There’s a lot of flavor in a good stout. To me, it’s more interesting as subtle flavors always seem to present themselves at different times during the drinking process.

West O Brewery out of West Okoboji, Iowa has a wonderful milk stout. CocO Stout is a very dark, chocolaty beer without too much sweetness. It’s a good, full flavor brew. A thick, off-white head that dissipates fairly quickly. Ice cold, you definitely get the roasted malt and coffee flavors. The nose is mainly chocolate coffee. At 6% ABV, it’s so full of flavor you really don’t notice the alcohol.

This, from West O Brewery:

“Cream stout with lactose sugar…”thats why it’s a cream stout.” Cocoa nibs and bourbon vanilla beans make this beer creamy and chocolaty. Midnight Wheat for a non-bitter black color and flaked oats for a full body. We wanted a stout, so why not a cream stout? Because we can, and we did.”

This stout is now one of my favorites. It makes sense that it won these prestigious awards:


Highly suggest this for anyone who prefers a good dark beer with a lot of flavor!

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