Here’s to Beer: Weekly Beer Blog Pt. 16
In St. Louis, Missouri, it’s illegal to drink beer from a bucket while sitting on a curb. Whatever happened to FREEDOM?!?!
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So, I’ve been pretty proud of this blog celebrating craft beer. It’s been growing and getting more attention from all over. I appreciate that you are reading and hopefully you’re searching out some of my suggested brews. Craft Beer is a labor of love. Ask any brewmaster (I will have an interview with some in the near future), creating a tasty beer takes time, science, a sensitive palate and knowledge of what makes the different beers so unique. Starting next week, this blog will have a sponsor and I will be discussing some of their offerings, ON AIR, a few times a week. Listen for those starting this Monday afternoon, during my show!

In other business, I bought more beer!! Today, I’ll tell you about Left Hand Brewing Company’s Black Jack Porter! Left Hand is out of Colorado and boasts using fresh Rocky Mountain water in their beer. Sounds good! I’ve always wanted to drink ice cold mountain water from a local spring. What I love about this particular one is that, before you even pop the cap, it openly describes its ingredients, right on the bottle: Rocky Mountain water, Malted barley, Malted wheat, Hops and Yeast. That’s it. No artificial colors or preservatives… Just a perfect combination of what the Earth provides.

The pour is black like cola. Almost non-existent head. Very thin… The nose is smoky sweet. A bit of coffee but not as much as you would think in a very dark porter. I’ll be honest, this is not my beer. However, if you’re one who likes a roasted malt with a very bitter hop, then this is probably for you. Slight baking chocolate note mixed with the char of a campfire marshmallow. I know that’s pretty descriptive but that’s how my tongue “sees” it.

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Next week, I’m featuring a few different beers, but in a different way. I will reveal a sponsor for the “Here’s To Beer weekly beer blog” where I will be tasting a few different brews each week and talk about them ON AIR! On Friday, I will blog here with an overview of the beers and I’ll blog about one of my own finds! Exciting, huh! Beer, beer, BEER!!


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