Shawn Foxx

Shawn Foxx

Weekdays 2PM – 7PM

I was born in De Witt, IA. My parents are big music fans and musicians, themselves. I’ve been listening to music as long as I can remember. Dad is also a collector, as I am. We love vinyl! It’s THE best way to really enjoy listening to music. We both have lots of records. I also collect CDs, reels, cassettes, 78s, etc. If it has music on it, I want it!

I became interested in music as a kid. Listened to Spike At the Mike on, what was then, KIIK 104 FM, in Davenport. He went on to greatness and became a broadcasting legend at the big WGN in Chicago. When I found him on Facebook, I “friended” him and told him that he was my inspiration to become a broadcaster. He then, politely, apologized for doing so.

I worked my first gigs in the Quad Cities. Top 40 morning show, overnights and weekends at a rock station, briefly on an Adult CHR, then to a Classic Hits format. I got out of radio in 1996 after my first child, a daughter, was born.

While being in retail management for about 10 years, I was still listening to radio. Iowa, Arizona, Minnesota stations. I always heard myself saying, “I can still do that! I’m better than that guy!” Well, whether I was or not, I still loved radio for what it was. The history, the sound, the music – everything.

After having 3 kids ( 1 girl and 2 boys), and then starting another relationship, I married my best friend. We dated 11 years earlier and lost touch for ten years. Fate played it’s hand and we had another child, a boy.

I decided to try getting back into radio broadcasting in 2008, while living in Marion. I sent in my info and air-checks and was offered a position here, on 105-7 KOKZ! I’ve been here ever since doing any and all shifts and loving every minute of it! My life is pretty great now! Great wife, kids and career!

Thanks for listening along! I appreciate it!!


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