Here’s to Beer: Weekly Beer Blog Pt. 17

Here’s to Beer: Weekly Beer Blog Pt. 17

What was Thomas Jefferson doing when he wrote the first draft of the Constitution? Drinking Beer. In a tavern. And that is how we got FREEDOM!

A big thanks to my new sponsor, The Brass Tap – Craft Beer Bar, 421 Main St. in Cedar Falls. My new favorite place to enjoy a beer…. Or three.

With over 60 brews always on tap, there are plenty of choices. If you ask nicely, they will even give you a mini-snifter sample! The Brass Tap also brings in new beers from everywhere so frequently that you might be hard pressed to get the same one twice! Plus, an amazing menu with excellent food. This is NOT bar food! This is culinary food! Good time, well crafted, indeed!

Pivo Brewery out of Calmar, IA is the current Brewery of the Month, so I tried a few beers from them last week. First was the Cresco Crème Ale. A tasty ale with a crisp and clean, slightly bitter hop that finishes creamy on the tongue. Very smooth, with light carbonation. About 6.6% ABV. Second, the Protivin Czech Pilsner. Pours a thick off-white head with surprisingly little nose. Great carbonation with a floral hop bitter and malty finish. Great on a hot summer day! Rated 6.4% ABV.

My favorite though was Pivo’s Calmar Milk Stout! Wow! It pours a very thick and tan head which is very aromatic! The nose is a sweet coffee and cream with a little chocolate essence. Dark brown, near black color and so very smooth and flavorful. A smokey, charred hop or nut gives the malt a little extra punch. I don’t know if Pivo meant for this as one of the owners, James, didn’t catch it, but I got a slight cherry and dark chocolate finish. Just on the back of the tongue. That was a pleasant surprise! I’ll drink this one again!

The Brass Tap tap wall

My Own Discovery

Last week I also stopped and bought a variety of beers that I haven’t tried (that’s what I love about craft beer – you can never be without new choices!). I picked up a Stone Brewing Co. Tangerine Express IPA.

I’ve said before, I don’t like sweet beers. But, having a essence of fruit or something known to be sweet, I’m on board with that kind of thinking.

The pour is dark gold and cloudy. Most IPAs are pretty unfiltered to give more of that hoppiness. LOTS of carbonation and a tall head as you can see by the picture. That head was already over a minute old. In the pilsner glass, it’s easy to see the strings of carbonation feeding the head. On the nose, it’s fresh hops. Citrusy with the tangerine right up front. The taste is definitely all IPA. STRONG citrusy and fresh hops. The bitterness you would expect from an IPA…. Maybe a bit more. I’ve had more bitter beers, but not many. Wheat and tangerine are the flavors that are most noticeable. They named it well. I don’t think they used the juice of tangerines though. Maybe crushed tangerines in the mash of wheats. They may have added a bit of pineapple to it as well. On the back, it finishes with overwhelming hop bitterness with bit of tangy pineapple.

All in all, a very fine beer. If you really like IPAs, this would be right up your alley. I think I might have enjoyed it more if I had had it in a glass bottle opposed to a 12 ounce can.

Stone Brewery Co. Tangerine Express