Today’s Forgotten 45 @ 45!

Frank Stallone – Far From Over

Sylvester Stallone’s more famous brother, Frank, was a musician and with out his brother’s help, we may never had heard of him. This could have been a travesty and might have changed the music landscape forever.

Just kidding. Frank should kiss Sly’s feet everyday of his life, because we know he even had a brother. Similar in looks, not so much in talent, Frank did shine a few times on his own. One of my favorite movie duds, HUDSON HAWK with Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello, has Frank playing a gangster type, forcing the newly released from prison, Hawk (Bruce), into stealing some DaVinci art.

He is also featured as a commentator on the private video series WORLD’S DUMBEST…. A show listed on IMDb as “A bunch of nobodies make jokes about funny videos.” Says it all. If you’ve seen any of the episodes, you know Rambo’s RamBRO doesn’t like Russians. That might have something to do with Rocky IV.

Frank was nominated for a Golden Globe and won a Grammy for today;s forgotten song, “Far From Over”, written for the John Travolta beefcake film, ‘Stayin’ Alive” – a sequel (somewhat) to ‘Saturday Night Fever’. While nearly every Travolta flick has him dancing at some point, this one actually shows how much of a dancer he really is. The choreography for the stage show in the story is pretty intense! I’ll admit, the movie is a guilty pleasure of mine for a couple reasons:

  1. I like dance. I used to take ballet, jazz and a little tap all the way through my teens.
  2. Cynthia Rhodes (Penny from Dirty Dancing and ex-wife of Richard Marx) was great in this film. She also sang a duet with Frank for the soundtrack of ‘Stayin’ Alive’ – “I’m Never Gonna Give You Up”.

I’m only a little ashamed of what I’ve just made public.