Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 85!

Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 85!

Q. What are you called if you collect beer bottles?

A. A labeorphilist. (Pronounced: lab-ee-or-fill-ist)

Sad news from Ankeny

I’ve written about Firetrucker Brewery in Ankeny, IA a few times here on Here’s To Beer. The beer here is some of the best and most innovative in the state. I applaud Dan for his creativity and foresight into craft beer. Cheers to his life and passion for good brew. And Cheers to those at Firetrucker, who will continue his legacy in Ankeny.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends at this time. May you all find peace soon.

This is one of the absolute BEST American lagers I’ve EVER had! Hands down! I normally go for darker, more flavorful beers as you know, but this is one I’ve decided to keep in the fridge for days when a good, crisp, FLAVORFUL and easy drinker is just what I need.

Low ABV (4.2%) but so wonderfully tasty, it stands well above so many in it’s style. American lagers tend to be very much the same in many ways. I dare say, once you have had one, you don’t really need to try others… However, I stand corrected on this one. I will now be more open and willing to try more lagers, based on my experience with this one.

Get this! It’s has as much flavor, if not more, than other lagers, yet is only 114 calories per 12oz! This is a warning and an official “What’s up with that?” to all the lights, lites, ultras and “lattes” out there that have nothing to offer the taste buds.

But wait! THERE’S MORE! Iowa Brewing in Cedar Rapids also says “A portion of the proceeds from all sales {of [Iowa Eagle] will be donated in support of Iowans in need. Eagle’s current recipient is the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital – “