Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 88!

Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 88!

One of Harvard College’s first buildings was a brewery. The college built it so that students would have a good supply of beer to drink in the dining hall. America’s first Party School!

Confluence Brewing Co. Oktoberfest

I don’t believe I have ever had a Confluence brew I haven’t liked. They do a great job there in their creativity, creation and even in true and traditional beers.

The Oktoberfest/German Märzen is ideal and right on point if you’re looking for traditional. A copper pour with a light off-white head that doesn’t last long. However, in true Märzen style, a malty nose with some sweet fruit notes is present. It’s not easy to balance a perfect Märzen recipe and they do this better than most, here in the states. Most are too sweet or are too malty. This is a wonderful balance between them both that makes the drinkability, top notch. Only a slight hop bitter with some caramel and blends of rich and toasted malts. I poured into a classic mug style to have big gulps or mouthfuls as you would with a good Oktoberfest style beer. Medium bodied with a light carbonation mouthfeel, so not too burpy. This is really a wonderful brew to enjoy all year, if I were you.

Pulpit Rock in Decorah has a Valentine beer for you and your honey!