All Stressed Out and Nowhere to Go???

All Stressed Out and Nowhere to Go???

These are stressful times where pretty much everything feels uncertain. So . . . how are you getting through it?
A new survey found three out of four people say the pandemic has increased their stress and anxiety. And here are the top 10 ways we’re reducing that stress . . .I don’t know about number 1 though. I would like to excercise my right to sit on the couch with a bag of Cheetos and a Coke.

1. Exercising, 52%.

2. Watching more TV, 42%.

3. Sleeping, 38%.

4. Meditating, 37%.

5. Drinking more alcohol, 32%.

6. Playing games, 32%.

7. Calling or texting with friends and family, 30%.

8. Taking prescription meds, 27%.

9. Having sex, 27%.

10. Using CBD, 25%.