Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 99!

Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 99!

Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Barack Obama were all homebrewers.

Millpocalypse From Millstream Brewing Co.

The Priebe’s, part owners of Millstream Brewing Co. in Amana are good people.Early on in this blog, a winner and myself went out to the the brewery to be “brewers for a day” and learn about the steps it takes to brew beers on a larger scale than a homebrewer. It was fun and informative!

They also followed my COVID journey and were concerned about me, as so many of you were, and I can’t thank you all enough, for caring.

Once I got better, they asked for my address so they could send me a bottle of their limited release, Millpocalypse, as a congrats to making it through. It was very thoughtful of them to do so and I and very thankful. This is an incredible brew. So incredible, I asked if I could buy another, or several…. Chris Priebe. master brewer, replied, “No other bottles. You got the last one.”

I was stunned that they sent me their last bottle AND disappointed that there were no more to be had!

Millpocalypse is a Belgian quadrupel, meaning, 

“It’s amber to dark brown in color. Caramel, dark sugar and malty sweet flavors dominate, with medium-low to medium-high hop bitterness. Quads have a relatively light body compared to their alcoholic strength. If aged, oxidative qualities should be mild and not distracting. Sometimes referred to as Belgian strong dark.” –

This one has a higher ABV at 13.5 so you’d think it would be pretty boozy. Well, it is, but it’s more subtle than you’d think. It’s also aged in what I believe is oak whiskey barrels, so it pulls a really nice and smooth whiskey flavor. Notes of raisin, or dark fruits on the nose as well as some alcohol. The flavor is beautifully balanced and smooth. Raisin, molasses, honey, oak and toasted malt becomes sweet and balances the booziness into a wonderfully enjoyable sipper. If there was one thing I’d change about it though….

…is it should be made on the REGULAR and in bombers!! I would buy this often and probably always have one on hand. For company, OR NOT! Chris, dude! Need to brew more of this!!