Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 102!

Here’s To Beer: A Weekly Beer Blog Part 102!

Rolling Rock beer comes in green glass bottles and green cans. The number “33” can be found on them with no explanation. A few theories are:

The founding members of the brewery bet $33 on Horse 33 and won.

The beer is brewed at 33 degrees.

The Latrobe brewery was bought in 1933.

Living The Dream Bewing Co. - Rock Climber IPA

IPA fans rejoice (but don’t get too excited as this isn’t available anywhere near here that I know about)!

Rock Climber IPA from Colorado’s Living The Dream Brewing Co. is a winner with even the slightest IPA fan. It’s a wonderfully crisp and clean IPA featuring 6 different hops to give it a great slightly drying bitter with a sweetness on the tongue. Certainly one of the BEST IPA’s I’ve ever had, hands down. If I had any pull with that brewery, at all, I’d suggest getting licensed, marketed and distributed to Iowa. Craft beer drinkers here, do love IPA’s. 

I’m assuming lemon grass or Lemon Drop hops are mixed in here with Citra because of the tart and fresh lemon flavor mixed with grassy notes from the hop make this an excellent summer drinker. And, it’s fairly low ABV at 6.8%.

Really a nice drinker that I would buy again, if it was only in my nearest store.

If interested, this beer was part of my first Beer Drop. If you’re interested in getting your own subscription, here’s my link for referral where you get $10 off your subscription order over $45!