Here’s To Beer: A weekly Beer Blog Part 103!

Here’s To Beer: A weekly Beer Blog Part 103!

What makes Guinness or stout unique from other beers is its overwhelming, roasted flavor. The stout’s flavor comes from the roasted barley from that has not been malted. It also stands out from other beers as the only drink associated with fighting cancer. According to a study, drinking stout with your meals helps fight free radicals, which occurs when the body starts to metabolize the food.

Good River Beer -Fu Fighter

This is one of the beers I got from the Beer Drop subscription. First, I love the name! I’m a Foo Fighters fan and think Dave Grohl and the rest of the band are the coolest cats on the planet.

Fu Fighter is a Belgian golden ale that was spicier than I expected. Lots of character built into this brew. It poured golden with lots of carbonation and a thin white head that stayed. The nose was hoppy, spice, coriander and some malt. I love the ales that have a good earthy quality. Lemon grass or a grassy wheat note presents itself upon first taste. Pepper and light fruits round it out and it finishes fairly dry. Crisp and clean and quite enjoyable, overall. Pretty impressed with this! 8.9% ABV

Woods Boss Brewing Co. - Walking in Wonder

Another from the Beer Drop subscription. They are all beers from Colorado breweries.

Walking In Wonder was WONDERFUL! I am a fan of Farmhouse and Saison style beers and this one really stands alone! From the moment I cracked it, I could smell the fruity, wine-like aroma with a grassy hop. The wine characteristic makes this fun and light, while still giving a good punch. 

It pours a cloudy yellow with a nice and thick white head that stays for a while. Light, crisp, clean, a little thicker than a regular ale so there’s some good body and mouthfeel to it. Wine grapes, floral hop, light wheat and that’s it! A great drinker for a hot summer afternoon, or even a cool fall evening by a fire or grill! I LOVE THIS ONE! An easy 6.7% ABV.