Here’s To Beer: A weekly Beer Blog Part 107!

Here’s To Beer: A weekly Beer Blog Part 107!

McDonald’s sells beer on its menu in many countries such as France, Germany, Portugal, and South Korea.

“I’ll have a Royal with cheese, large fries, and Löwenbräu.”

Crystal Springs Brewing Co. - Naughty Marilyn

Here’s another from the Beer Drop subscription. Remember, all the beers from Beer Drop are from Colorado breweries.

From Crystal Springs Brewing Co. comes this really nice Belgian ale that borders on a spicy IPA, in my opinion. IPA and Belgian shouldn’t have all that much in common, but this has a resiny mouthfeel, like a strong, bitter Double IPA. I was quite surprised by that.

A this white head on the pour and a beautiful gold color with great carbonation that isn’t shy about bubbling in lines at the bottom of the glass. The nose was VERY bready. Yeast forward with just a slight spice like coriander, which is very Belgian ale…

Spicy flavor with some citrus, yeast, cracker-like flavor with only a slight alcohol finish. Being at 8.2% ABV, it’s shocking it’s not a more boozy. That may be hidden by the resin aftertaste that normally presents with a strong IPA.

This I enjoyed A LOT! At first, I wasn’t sure because the nose is so yeast forward… Not that that means it’s bad, or that I don’t enjoy those kinds of brews, just wasn’t sure if there would be much more flavor other than fresh bread. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong.

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