Here’s To Beer: A weekly Beer Blog Part 109!

Here’s To Beer: A weekly Beer Blog Part 109!

I’ll be honest, I’m still dealing with post-COVID effects and the depression and anxiety that it fosters doesn’t make me want a beer. I have LOTS of beer in my 2 fridges, and I just look at them and grab some tea or juice or soda. A beer always sounds good but the reality is I just don’t want one. I did crack one from my new subscription box, Beer Box that I enjoyed very much. But first….


Beer Box craft beer subscription is different than Beer Drop in several ways. Beer Box sends 6 different 12oz. beers and 2 different 16oz. beers. Beer Drop sends 2 cans each of 5 different beers from Colorado breweries ONLY. Beer Box selects beer from craft breweries from all over the country. Beer Drop just sends you the beer. Beer Box sends brewery stickers and coasters and 2 packs of original Beer Nuts in every order, and in your first order you also get a can coozie. Beer Drop has a couple different subscription tiers. One is $40 plus shipping, the other is $50 plus shipping. Beer Box is $50 including shipping. Both are a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime or skip a month, if you wish.

Four Phantoms - War Pigs Brewpub

This is a beer I got in the Beer Box. From Copenhagen, War Pigs Brewpub offers some amazing beer but is also an American BBQ joint!

Four Phantoms is a blonde ale with a hop forward flavor that is hidden by a floral, citrusy nose. A nice thick, white head sustains and leaves nice lacing down the glass. A gold colored blond ale with a wonderful, yet not overpowering, hop flavor that blends well with a citrus note, followed by tropical fruit. A GREAT flavored blonde that is well worth the price and enjoyable to drink anytime. 6.5% ABV

Electric Cowboy American IPA - Debolt Brewing

From Debolt Brewing out of Denver Colorado, comes this shockingly crisp west coast IPA.

At least three different hops, most certainly citra and possibly cascade, it’s an IPA worthy of the style.

A darker gold pour with a one-finger off white head, the nose it hop forward. Citrusy with a pine note and another scent I can’t place. Crisp and dry mouthfeel with a dank green hop flavor, mixed with a tropical fruit tanginess. It finishes fairly dry and leaves that resiny coating, but if you’re into west coast IPA, you expect it. A really nice IPA, but I couldn’t have more than the one, in a sitting. If I were want another beer, I’d have to go with a saison or a fruity sweet like a good Ciderboys Peach County to cleanse a hoppy palate.