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I started off life in St. Paul Minnesota before embarking on this radio journey over 20 years ago that has taken me from St. Paul to small town southern Minnesota before landing here in Eastern Iowa! Radio has always been my passion from the first time I heard a radio. I enjoy being heavily involved in the community, helping out anyway I can. When not invading the airwaves I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, working for the Waterloo Black Hawks, and just overall relaxing with some good friends and some sort of beverage!

So there you go. Short and sweet and to the point. Join me weekday mornings from 6A – 10A on our 100,000 watt blowtorch KOKZ!


DUH NEWS – 2/14/20

GROSS!!! Not exactly sure why a man would simply break into a building and not use the bathroom if he had to but police say that a 66-year-old Connecticut man was arrested after breaking into a building and urinating all over the carpets inside. Multiple complaints came in alleging an unknown man had unlawfully entered…read more »

My House

DUH NEWS – 2/13/20

This guy really made himself right at home. Police in Detroit say that a man has been arrested after they discovered he moved into another person’s seasonal home in Northern Michigan. According to the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office, Jeffrey Donius, simply moved the property owners’ belongings out of their house and moved his stuff in,…read more »

Truck Mixing

DUH NEWS – 2/12/20

THIS is a new one!!! A Washington State Patrol Trooper discovered another form of distracted driving during a traffic stop for speeding that led to an eventual arrest of a truck driver. Trooper Thorson posted on Twitter that he thought he had seen it all but he came across something he’s never witnessed. After pulling…read more »

Beer Porn

DUH NEWS – 2/11/20

NOT the place for this!!! Clarence Stoll is not going to be allowed back at the Cleveland library anytime soon, that’s for sure. Seems that Clarence got the police called on him after complaints that he was drinking beer and watching porn inside the library. Officers found Clarence looking at inappropriate content while drinking a…read more »

KOKZ Forgotten 45 1

Today’s Forgotten 45 @ 45!

Don Henley – Sunset Grill Released as the fourth single from his 1984 album, ‘Building The Perfect Beast’, Don Henley had a Top 40 hit with “Sunset Grill”. It peaked at #22 on the Hot 100, but fared better on the Billboard Top Rock Tracks and got to #7! Patty Smyth (Scandal) sings back up…read more »

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