Mike Waters

Mike Waters

Born a poor white child in Davenport, Iowa. Son of Muddy Waters and sister of Roger Waters. I Lived in Iowa for the first year of my life and grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis called New Hope!  That always gets my fellow Star Wars geeks excited.  My 2 favorite things in life, other than my family are good comedy (Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, etc…) and good music!  Classic Hits of course.

I’ve been doing radio for 30 years in places like Madison, Wisconsin, Southern Maryland, Yakima Washington, and for most of my adult life in Fargo, North Dakota where I’ve said things like “Oof Duh!” and “You Betcha!”.  I’ve seen the movie over 20 times.  I’ve also seen the movie, Cedar Rapids starring Ed Helms and John C Reilly…liked that one a lot as well.  Unfortunately, neither of those movies were filmed in their titular locations.

I’m very excited to be doing radio here at KOKZ in Eastern Iowa!  You can hear me weekday mornings from 5:30 – 10am with nothing but fun and the best classic hits ever recorded.


Little girl shouting,  or tantrum

4 Year Old Speaks For All Who’ve Had Enough!

This four year old girl has the meltdown and we are all wanting to let out.  Everything is shut down!  The Ice Cream Truck, her favorite restaurant, McDonald’s!  She could go through the drive thru, but it’s so BORING!  She wants to go in and run around in McDonald’s Playland!  I couldn’t agree more.  Let’s…read more »


Street Fighting Bunnies???

How does that song go again?  “Summer’s here and the time is right, for Bunnies fighting in the street”!  Check out this video, it’s the closest thing we’ll get to a real boxing match for quite a while.read more »


Doorbell Video of a Woman Giving Birth in a Parking Lot

In case you haven’t seen this:  A woman gave birth while STANDING in the parking lot of a natural birth center in Florida, and it was caught on the Ring Doorbell cam.  She and her husband were on the way in when the baby decided it was time. Fortunately, they called ahead, and their midwife…read more »


How Many Animals Does She Have in There???

This is pretty amazing.  All the animal noises one girl can make.  Her name is Tula Torres who says, “I was studying abroad in NZ when my friends found out that i can do animal noises. So, they had me do them in front of a video camera. They suggested that I make a Youtube…read more »


A Fart Halts A City Council Meeting

Picture a serious city council meeting with serious things to be done.  It also looks a bit boring.  …until, boredom is broken with the breaking of wind. You’ll hear it toward the beginning as well as the end.  Let’s go to the video!!    read more »


That Hillbilly Really Explains What’s Going On!

Ya wanna know what’s going on in the world?  Listen to this man.  Honestly!  During the first listen you’ll be thinking, “this guy’s crazy and speaking nonsense”.  The second time through really listen to what he’s saying.  I know I couldn’t explain it any better.  Check it out and see for yourself.  read more »

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