Mike Waters

Mike Waters

Born a poor white child in Davenport, Iowa. Son of Muddy Waters and sister of Roger Waters. I Lived in Iowa for the first year of my life and grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis called New Hope!  That always gets my fellow Star Wars geeks excited.  My 2 favorite things in life, other than my family are good comedy (Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, etc…) and good music!  Classic Hits of course.

I’ve been doing radio for 30 years in places like Madison, Wisconsin, Southern Maryland, Yakima Washington, and for most of my adult life in Fargo, North Dakota where I’ve said things like “Oof Duh!” and “You Betcha!”.  I’ve seen the movie over 20 times.  I’ve also seen the movie, Cedar Rapids starring Ed Helms and John C Reilly…liked that one a lot as well.  Unfortunately, neither of those movies were filmed in their titular locations.

I’m very excited to be doing radio here at KOKZ in Eastern Iowa!  You can hear me weekday mornings from 5:30 – 10am with nothing but fun and the best classic hits ever recorded.



The Bright Side 12-10-2020

2020 is a rough year, to put it mildly, but there are some great people out there doing great things!  From a two and a half day pay it forward at the Brainerd, MN DQ to a 7 year old girl who made $20,000 for a children’s hospital to buy PPE, you should check out…read more »


Shave and a Haircut? Not Yet!

As you may know, I’ve decided to grow my hair and beard until the pandemic is over.  Mrs. Waters is cool with that but has a couple of suggestions (yeah, that’s it…”suggestions”.)  Here’s what she had to say, followed by tips from the faithful, beloved KOKZ listeners.  Let’s go to the video!    read more »


Hit and Run Headlines 12-7-2020

A new “tickle bar” has opened in Dallas, Microsoft has released a Windows 95 Christmas sweater and Congress passed a bill legalizing marijuana!  All that and more with your Hit and Run Headlines!  Let’s go to the video!read more »


Shave and a Haircut? NOPE!

This morning, I told Mrs. Waters of my plan to not get a haircut or shave until the pandemic is over. She said, “Cool” on one condition!  Let’s go to the video!  read more »


The Bright Side 12-3-2020

Ya know what the secret to having a good day is?  Start it off with some good news!  Put down your phone and stop “Doom Scrolling” and check out some good people coming together to help their community.  read more »

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