Mike Waters

Mike Waters

Born a poor white child in Davenport, Iowa. Son of Muddy Waters and sister of Roger Waters. I Lived in Iowa for the first year of my life and grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis called New Hope!  That always gets my fellow Star Wars geeks excited.  My 2 favorite things in life, other than my family are good comedy (Marx Brothers, Monty Python, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, etc…) and good music!  Classic Hits of course.

I’ve been doing radio for 30 years in places like Madison, Wisconsin, Southern Maryland, Yakima Washington, and for most of my adult life in Fargo, North Dakota where I’ve said things like “Oof Duh!” and “You Betcha!”.  I’ve seen the movie over 20 times.  I’ve also seen the movie, Cedar Rapids starring Ed Helms and John C Reilly…liked that one a lot as well.  Unfortunately, neither of those movies were filmed in their titular locations.

I’m very excited to be doing radio here at KOKZ in Eastern Iowa!  You can hear me weekday mornings from 5:30 – 10am with nothing but fun and the best classic hits ever recorded.



Billy Joel, Bon Jovi and More Rock for a Good Cause

New York has been the epicenter of the coronavirus fight. Last night, some talented people came together to raise some big time money for The Robin Hood Relief Fund with Rise up New York. Billy Joel, Bon Jovi and Tina Fey’s announcement of the total raised! “THANK YOU to all who came together tonight to…read more »


George Carlin On Germs

My favorite stand up comic of all time would have been 83 today. George Carlin wasn’t just a “comic”, he was a philosopher, actor, author, social critic, and still timeless! Check out this still timely clip of Carlin talking about germs. Watch out for the “naughty” words, and enjoy. Let’s go to the video!read more »


It’s Twilight Zone Day!

Happy Twilight Zone Day! Pretty good timing for it with what we’ve been going through the last couple of months.  The Twilight Zone was one of the most groundbreaking shows ever on television.  Shortly after it premiered, it was love by kids, teens and adults that affected generations of people. Rod Serling first read these words…read more »

Vector  retro background with electric guitar and rays

Music is great pandemic therapy!

One thing I’ve been loving about this whole quarantine business is that some of our favorite musicians have been putting up some great performances.  This is one of my favorites!!  The Doobie Brothers doing my all time fave, Black Water.  Doobie Brother and writer of the song, Pat Simmons told Rolling Stone, “We knew we…read more »

Pet Justice

Judge Gary Busey???

Have I ever told you about the one time I was feeling a bit off?  I accidentally typed my symptoms into IMDB and was told I had Gary Busey!  The man keeps getting weirder and weirder every passing year, and just when you think, “Hey, where has that crazy Busey gone?”, he reappears…as a judge??? …read more »


Sting and Jimmy Fallon play Social Distance Anthem on Toy Instruments

With quarantining and social distancing in full swing, Jimmy Fallon and Sting figured it was time for a new version of this era’s unofficial anthem.  This is pretty cool, with Jimmy, Sting and The Roots all recording their parts separately at home, since they couldn’t play, couldn’t play so, couldn’t play so close to each…read more »

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