Program Schedule


KOKZ Mornings | 6-10am

6:20am History Lesson/Birthdays
6:40am Sports
7:20am Duh News
7:40am Sports
7:50am Hollywood Trash
8:40am Nearly Impossible Trivia

Pamela J. | 10am-2pm
All Request Listener Lunch: Put in your request by texting us through the app or the link on the website

Shawn Foxx | 2-7pm
5 O’Clock Traffic Jams weekday afternoons: A full hour of fun, upbeat songs for your drive home after a long day at work

Mike Davis | 7-10pm


American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: The 70’s | 9am-Noon

Pamela J | 4-8pm


American Top 40 with Casey Kasem: The 80’s | 8am-Noon

Shawn Foxx | Noon-4pm